GED Subtest Overview

Reasoning through Language Arts
150 minutes long and testing is broken down into three sections
Section 1: 35 minutes, tests all content
Section 2: 45 minutes, Extended Response
Break: 10 minutes
Section 3: 60 minutes, tests all content

GED Printable Practice

new_releases Extended Response Answer Guidelines

Please use the guidelines below as you answer the Extended Response question on the Reasoning Through Language Arts test. Following these guidelines as closely as possible will ensure that you provide the best response.

Extended Response Quick Tips

Simply attempting a written response on the Extended Response items doesn’t always mean you will receive points for your work. Your responses are scored against specific criteria shown in the Extended Response Scoring Rubrics. To see a full breakdown of these criteria for RLA and Social Studies, please see the complete RLA and Social Studies Rubrics. You can also refer to the ‘Extended Response Answer Guidelines.’

new_releases Graphic Organizers for Argumentative Writing

Unpacking Prompts, Close Reading Questions, Both Sides Now, Prewriting Organizer, Constructed Response Organizer, Sample Thesis/Claim Frames, Frames for Incorporating Evidence, Explain the Evidence, Sentence Structures, Connecting Ideas, Assessing the Claim, Revising and Editing Checklist

Prompts for Classroom Practice - RLA

Sample Extended Response Passages and Prompts.

new_releases GED Ready™

The Official Practice Test – Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) Extended Response Prompts and Source Texts

HiSET Printable Practice

new_releases FPT7

HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test
Released in September 2017

new_releases FPT6A

HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test
Released in September 2016


HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test
Released in September 2015


HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test
Released in 2015

Answer Sheet

Practice Test Answer Sheet Writing

new_releases Are You Ready to Take the HiSET® Exam?

Preparation is the key to doing your best on the HiSET® exam. You can estimate how well prepared you are for the actual test using the chart below.

TASC Printable Practice

Practice Items

TASC Test Writing Practice Items

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Writing Prompt Sample

Informational Essay

Informational Essay Writing Prompt Sample Item