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Just about everything around us uses energy. We use energy to light up our homes, make our motor vehicles run, and cook our food. Both you and your car need energy to move, but the energy required to move your body is in a different form and comes from different sources than the energy required to move your car. Humans take in fuel in the form of food, and this food provides energy for the maintenance of our body and for everyday activities. Cars take in fuel in the form of gasoline, and this fuel gives the car the power to operate properly. All sources of energy on Earth come from the Sun.

  • arrow_drop_downTypes of Energy and Energy Transformations

    There are many different types of potential and kinetic energy. Every action is connected to energy in one form or another. Learn that energy in the physical world can never be created or destroyed, but it can change from one type of energy to another.

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  • arrow_drop_downSources of Energy

    Different types of energy on Earth come from a variety of sources. Learn how some sources are replaced as quickly as they are consumed while other energy sources take millions of years to replace.

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  • arrow_drop_downHeat

    The random motion of particles in a substance is a type of energy. This energy is transferred from one object to another in the form of heat. Learn how heat can transfer from one substance to another by three different methods: conduction, convection, and radiation.

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  • arrow_drop_downWaves

    Some forms of energy such as sound and light, can travel in waves. In this lesson you will learn about the wave theory, the different types of waves, and their properties.

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Goal Setting

Create a chart like the one at right. Think of an everyday example of the use of each of the types of energy listed in the chart. When you have completed this chapter, check your list to see if your examples were correct.

Type of Energy Example
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