Common Core Achieve

Congratulations! If you are using this book, it means that you are taking a key step toward achieving an important new goal for yourself. You are preparing to take your high school equivalency test in order to earn your high school diploma, one of the most important steps in the pathway toward career, educational, and lifelong well-being and success.

Common Core Basics

Common Core Basics: Building Essential Test Readiness Skills, Science will help you learn or strengthen the skills and concepts you need when you take any Common Core State Standards-aligned science test. The book’s instructional content is based on the National Science Education Standards of the National Academy of Sciences.

GED Subtest Overview

90 minutes long and is one single section
34 questions
There are two Short Answer questions included on the test, but they are not timed separately

GED Printable Practice

new_releases GED Ready™

The Official Practice Test - Science Short Answer Prompts and Source Texts

HiSET Printable Practice

new_releases FPT7

HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test
Released in September 2017

new_releases FPT6A

HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test
Released in September 2016


HiSET® Exam Free Practice Test
Released in 2015

Answer Sheet

Practice Test Answer Sheet Reading, Science, and Social Studies

new_releases Are You Ready to Take the HiSET® Exam?

Preparation is the key to doing your best on the HiSET® exam. You can estimate how well prepared you are for the actual test using the chart below.

TASC Printable Practice

Practice Items

TASC Test Science Practice Items